Ons repertoire:

Al die willen te kaap’ren varen
De dronken zeeman
Daar was laatst een meisje loos
The drunken sailor
Fiddler`s Green
Strike the bell
Fire down below
De Zilvervloot
Put your shoulder next to mine
Molly Malone
Grietje Sprot
Round the Bay of Mexico
In een blauw geruite kiel
Shaving cream
Leaving of Liverpool
The Wild Rover
Johnney, come down to Hilo
Blow the man down
Mingulay boatsong
The maid of Amsterdam
Can’t you dance the Polka
Bound to the Rio Grande
Roll the old chariot along
De Zeerovers
Er was een zeepiraat
John Kanaka
De zoute zee
Rolling home
The mermaid
All for me grog
Bye – bye my Roseanne
Whisky Johnny
Three score and ten
The fields of Athenry
South Australia
Weile, weile, waila
Dirty old town
Donkey riding
Farewell to Carlingford
The black velvet band
Meisje van Scheveningen
Dicey Reilly
Whiskey in the jar
The auld triangle
Pay me the money down
The rose of Allendale
Lang zullen zij leven hoog
The bonny banks of Loch Lomon
I’ll tell me ma
Goodnight ladie
Song for Ireland
Little fishes
Quare Bungle Rye
Rare ould times
Beer, beer, beer
Rosin the Bow
Johnny I hardley knew you
Seven drunken nights
Home boys home
Farewell shanty
Rolling down to old Maui
Essequibo River
Don`t give up till it`s over
Glorie, Glorie
Wat zullen we drinken
The Holy Ground
Conquest of Paradise – Vangelis
Boer op zee

Obdammer Piratenkoor De Landlubbers